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Rhica - 3.0 Avatar + Optimized Version

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Welcome Rhica to the playpen, the cute and playful leopard kitten. Avatar contacts for headpets, nose boops and other interactions, our usual set of sliders - thickness and brightness -, expressive ears, an alternate outfit and 4 additional colorschemes to toggle on the fly.

❱❱▶ Included files:

Rhica Avatar PoiToon + PoiPro DPS + Optimized versions, Unity Packages

No Quest version as of right now!

❱❱▶ Set up a project with the following before importing our avatar:

VRChat Creator Companion (VCC) + Unity 2019.4.31f, Poiyomi Toon 8.1.156 (+ DPS and Poiyomi Pro 8.2).

Afterwards, simply import your preferred version and upload her rightaway!

❱❱▶ Have some questions for us?

Bought the package but require upload services or other assistance? Feel free to join our Discord Server and send us a message via our help channels!



❱❱▶ Quality: FBT ready, focus on optimization while allowing customization, lots of tested and responsive jiggles and wiggles for you to enjoy!

❱❱▶ Menu toggles: Clothing toggles (Top, Pants, Socks, Bra, Panties, Garter), Customization (Brightness) and Body Shape sliders (Chest, Butt, Thighs), 4 alternate color schemes (Cheetah, Gray, CottonCandy, Black), 12 DPS toggles + Male part (Humanoid + Canine) with size slider (Toon and DPS), Private bits, Tail Lift, GoGo Loco basic

❱❱▶ Features Optimized version: Clothing toggle , Customization (Brightness) and Body Shape sliders (Chest, Butt, Thighs), Tail Lift, GoGo Loco basic - Interested in the other colors schemes? Just import and use the textures from the full package!

❱❱▶ Custom expressions and ear movements: Happy (Open R), Timid (Open L), Sad (Fingerpoint), Shy Flirty (Victor R), Confident Flirty (Victory L), Angry (RockNRoll), Smug (Handgun), Surprised (ThumbsUp R), Blep (ThumbsUp L)

❱❱▶ Interactions: PhysBones that allow collissions (scales with body customization) and to be grabbed where it makes sense, Happy expression shows on headpet, Blep expression shows on nose boop, Timid expression shows on chest touch

Terms of Service

❱❱▶ By purchasing this asset you agree to adhere to and follow the following terms:

- Do no claim the avatar or design to be yours.

- This avatar is Personal Use only! Do not share, upload, distribute or make the avatar available to anyone else than yourself.

- Do not reuse any assets from this avatar.

- You are not allowed to use this avatar or its assets for any Commercial Use.

- Credit Wolfs Den 3D when using our avatar in e.g. social media.


All assets are made from scratch by Wolfs Den 3D except the following:

  • Design - Based on an OC from Thesecondway (with permission)
  • Body & Head - ZinPia
  • GoGo Loco - franada


©️ Copyright Wolfs Den 3D. All Right Reserved.

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Rhica Avatar Unity Packages for PoiToon, PoiPro/DPS and Optimized Version


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Rhica - 3.0 Avatar + Optimized Version

16 ratings
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