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Nubia - 3.0 Avatar + Optimized Version

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Be your own ruler and rule over others with our egyptian queen Nubia! Customize her to your liking with our ingame options!

❱❱▶ Included files

Fully set up unity packages with all the different versions: Toon + DPS + Opti.

No Quest version as of right now!

❱❱▶ Set up a separate project for PC with the following assets:

  1. VRChat Creator Companion (VCC) + Unity 2019.4.31f
  2. Poiyomi Toon 8.1.156. For the DPS version, import Poiyomi Pro 8.2 instead and import and install DPS afterwards.

❱❱▶ Afterwards, import our avatar and open our included scenes!

Got questions? Join our Discord Server and ask away! ❱❱▶


❱❱▶ Customize Your Avatar

  • Mix and match toggles: Clothing (Bodice, Pants, Shoes, Bra, Panties, Sash, Wristjewelry, Armjewelry), Accessories (Ears, Tail, Gems, Armfloof, Legfloof)
  • Shapes and Colors: Body Shape (Thin - Default - Thick), Chest Size (Small - Default - Big), Skintones, Eye Color, Clothing/Jewelry Color, Shader Settings (Brightness, Shiny Skin, Glitter, Outline)

❱❱▶ Extras

  • Props and addons: Whip, Staff, Staff as Pole, Switch Hands of Whip and Staff, Throne, Throne Size, 12 DPS toggles + Male part with size slider (Toon and DPS), GoGo Loco basic

❱❱▶ Avatar Dynamics

  • Expressive gestures: Happy (Open R), Timid (Open L), Sad (Fingerpoint), Shy Flirty (Victor R), Confident Flirty (Victory L), Angry (RockNRoll), Smug (Handgun), Surprised (ThumbsUp R), Blep (ThumbsUp L)
  • Interactions: Headpet, Nose boop, Chest touch, Jiggles & collisions adjust to body sliders, Grabable parts,

❱❱▶ Optimized Version (PC Green)

  • Optimized & Feature rich: All Expressions & Contacts, Outfit toggles, Accessory Toggles, Shader Settings (Brightness, Shiny Skin, Glitter, Outline), Body Shape, Skintones, Eye Color, Clothing/Jewelry Color, GoGo Loco basic

Terms of Service

❱❱▶ By purchasing this asset you agree to adhere to and follow the following terms:

- Do no claim the avatar or design to be yours.

- This avatar is Personal Use only! Do not share, upload, distribute or make the avatar available to anyone else than yourself.

- Do not reuse any assets from this avatar.

- You are not allowed to use this avatar or its assets for any Commercial Use.

- Credit Wolfs Den 3D when using our avatar in e.g. social media.

❱❱▶ Credits

All assets are made from scratch by Wolfs Den 3D except the following:

Please check out all these talented creators!

Thank you for taking a look at our products here at Wolfs Den 3D! We're always looking for ways to give you the best Virtual Reality experience we can! Your support and interest is what keeps us going <3


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Nubia Avatar Unity Packages for PoiToon, PoiPro/DPS and Optimized Version


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Nubia - 3.0 Avatar + Optimized Version

15 ratings
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