Iris - Personal Use

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Iris - Personal Use

Wolfs Den 3D
16 ratings

Chimera Mommy Iris is finally finished! Lots of customization including hue shifts and different textures, toggles and dissolves, different outfits and multiple tails on top of our usual set of sliders - thickness, shinyness, brightness - and our other things like activating toggles by pulling on them. And yes, she does have a thick belly slider.

Also comes with the adorable Sir Wiggleton the 3rd!

Disclaimer: The nails are only golden for the Tan Skin versions - for her regular look, they are blue/purple like her colorscheme!

The images with our logo are renders, for the ingame look check out the screenshots and videos!

Ready to be uploaded rightaway (Check out Where is your setup? & Dependencies further below).


  • SDK3 Avatar
  • FBT Ready
  • Lots of jiggles in all the right places (Including elven ears and belly!)
  • Avatar Contacts
    • Headpets! Als works with other head colliders
    • Timid, blushy face on booba touch
  • Subtle breath particles that can be toggled on
  • Tongue control puppet! Makes teasing a breeze ~ (Needs active flirty gesture to work)
  • Grabbable tails, long tongue, booba and follower!
  • Booty upscale, Booba upscale, Thigh upscale and Belly upscale sliders
  • Smart Clothing toggles & dissolves
    • Alternative Stripmode toggle for pulling clothes off by you or others
    • Clothing Reset toggle incase you only want to only reset the outfit
    • If switching from one main outfit to the other one, it'll dissolve the current one out and the new one in at the same time for ease of use.
  • Lots of customization including dissolve toggles!
    • Different tails, a pair of wings and horns can all be turned off fully
    • Hue Shift for Eyes, Hair, Clothing/Accessories
    • Additional Black and White Hair color toggles
    • Tan skin toggle (includes tanlines)
    • Alternate spilled ice cream texture for both skin variants
  • Wing Spread and Wing Hug puppets similar to Cinder
  • Your very own follower!
    • Sir Wiggleton the 3rd comes with multiple outfits, hue shift, size slider and will waddle towards you wherever you go. You can also pick him up :)
  • Brightness Up slider to make yourself brigther in dark worlds
  • Wet Skin slider to enable anything from default to wet or oily look by controlling specular
  • Male body modification, including sliders, for Toon and DPS package
  • 2 different packages for: PoiToon, PoiPro DPS


Make sure to import and install all the dependencies in order before importing this asset and then open the included scenes to ensure it'll work as intended.

Dependencies Poi Toon

Dependencies Poi Pro DPS

Where is your setup?

Please import either the Toon package or the DPS/Pro package and open the scene called Iris or Iris_DPS if you want to use our settings and/or modify them to your liking :) You can find it in Assets/Wolfs Den 3D/Model_Iris.

Terms of Service

By purchasing this asset you agree to adhere to and follow the terms of service.

- Under no circumstances may you sell derivative works of this asset.

- Under no circumstances may you redistribute this asset.

- Under no circumstances may you make this asset available as a public avatar or as a direct upload for other people to use.

- Under no circumstances may you use this asset for any monetary gain.

- Under no circumstances may you re-use or take parts for the creation of other assets, wether it be personal or commercial. All assets are made and distributed by us or other creators.

- Personal licenses are purely for private use. Streaming licenses allow the use of avatars for any ad-based use case like VTubing or livestreaming in general.

- Should you acquire a streaming license, you have to make sure that you do not label the character as your own OC. We fully own the rights to the character and design.

- Failure to adhere to the terms of service may result in fines and legal action.

Our digital products, including this one, are not eligible for a refund. If you got any open questions or feedback, please do contact us via our gumroad profile information and we'll see through it together.

©️ Copyright Wolfs Den 3D. All Right Reserved.

I want this!

Includes 2 Unity Packages for PoiToon and PoiPro/DPS with: Model "Name" in the form of an .FBX, all necessary textures and materials including PBR maps, all necessary animations and SDK3 logic setup

103,125 (Everything active; Ingame up to 91k)
Unique Materials
8 (Model), 1 (Follower)
Performance Rating
Very Poor


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