Iris - VRChat - PC, Unity 2022 Update

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Chimera Mommy Iris is finally finished! Lots of customization including hue shifts and different textures, toggles and dissolves, different outfits and multiple tails on top of our usual set of sliders - thickness, shinyness, brightness - and our other things like activating toggles by pulling on them. And yes, she does have a thick belly slider.

Also comes with the adorable Sir Wiggleton the 3rd!

Disclaimer: The nails are only golden for the Tan Skin versions - for her regular look, they are blue/purple like her colorscheme!

The images with our logo are renders, for the ingame look check out the screenshots and videos!

❱❱▶ Included files

Fully set up unity packages with the full version for PC.

❱❱▶ Set up a separate project for PC with the following assets:

  1. VRChat Creator Companion (VCC) + Unity 2022.3.6f1
  2. Poiyomi Toon 8.1.167
  3. VRCFury 1.752.0

❱❱▶ Afterwards, import our avatar and open our included scenes!

Got questions? Join our Discord Server and ask away! ❱❱▶

❱❱▶ Features

  • SDK3.5 Avatar
  • FBT Ready
  • Lots of jiggles in all the right places
  • Avatar contacts: Headpat, Noseboop, Boobtouch
  • Expressive gestures: Slow Blink via Trigger (Fist R, Fist L), Happy (Open R), Sleepy (Open L), Confused (Fingerpoint R), Sad (Fingerpont L), Shy Flirty (Victory R), Confident Flirty (Victory L), Annoyed (RockNRoll R), Angry (RockNRoll L), Smug (Handgun R), Timid (Handgun L), Surprised (ThumbsUp R), Blep (ThumbsUp L)
  • Shading options: Brightness, Wet Skin, Shadows, Glitter, Outlines
  • Body sliders: boob, butt, thighs, belly
  • Tongue control puppet! Makes teasing a breeze ~ (Needs active flirty gesture to work)
  • Smart Clothing toggles & dissolves
    • Alternative Stripmode toggle for pulling clothes off by you or others
    • Clothing Reset toggle incase you only want to only reset the outfit
    • If switching from one main outfit to the other one, it'll dissolve the current one out and the new one in at the same time for ease of use.
  • Lots of customization including dissolve toggles!
    • Different tails, a pair of wings and horns can all be turned off fully
    • Hue Shift for Eyes, Hair, Clothing/Accessories
    • Additional Black and White Hair color toggles
    • Tan skin toggle (includes tanlines)
    • Alternate spilled ice cream texture for both skin variants
  • Wing Spread and Wing Hug puppets
  • Your very own follower!
    • Sir Wiggleton the 3rd comes with multiple outfits, hue shift, size slider and will waddle towards you wherever you go. You can also pick him up :)
  • Male body modification, including customization

❱❱▶ Terms of Service

❱❱▶ By purchasing this asset you agree to adhere to and follow the following terms:

- Do no claim the avatar or design to be yours.

- This avatar is Personal Use only! Do not share, upload, distribute or make the avatar available to anyone else than yourself.

- Do not reuse any assets from this avatar.

- You are not allowed to use this avatar or its assets for any Commercial Use.

- Credit Wolfs Den 3D when using our avatar in e.g. social media.

❱❱▶ Credits

All assets are made from scratch by Wolfs Den 3D except the following:

Please check out all these talented creators! Keep in mind that we edit other assets often heavily, e.g. base and hair.

Thank you for taking a look at our products here at Wolfs Den 3D! We're always looking for ways to give you the best Virtual Reality experience we can! Your support and interest is what keeps us going <3


I want this!

You'll get a unity package with all files and a fully setup avatar, ready to upload.

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Very Poor
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Phys Bone Transforms
Phys Bone Collision Check Count
Texture Memory, Ingame Size
72.81 MB , 24.77 MB
Particle Systems
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Total Combined Max Particle Count
Audio Sources / Lights
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Iris - VRChat - PC, Unity 2022 Update

18 ratings
I want this!